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The Koda-Express hunting crossbow in 185 lb draw weight is an exceptional choice with an attractive combination of speed, weight and ease of use.Easier to cock than heavier weight bows but still delivering plenty of energy down range. Includes an illuminated 3x32 scope with 6 aiming points. TenPoint crossbows. TenPoint™ is an Easton® Complete Crossbow Arrow Resource™, carrying a complete line of custom crossbow arrows for the entire crossbow industry. The main assembly bolt's locking setscrew and the foot stirrup's two attachment setscrews are out of view, located on the underside of the crossbow's riser. Product Description. New for 2011- Barnett introduces the Jackal Crossbow Package. The Jackal's stock design is unique to our crossbow line up.The weight and power of this bow makes a devastating weapon for any hunter. Draw Weight 175lbs Physical Weight 8.1lbs Width 24" Length 36.25" String Length 38.5" Number of Strands 28 String Stock Number 16158 Cables Stock Number 16180 Before assembling your crossbow, take a moment to organize these parts and ensure you have everything you need. If you are missing any of the below parts, contact the Barnett crossbow, or poor performance from your crossbow could result from failure to thoroughly read and understand these instructions. If any part of this manual is unclear to you, contact the Sales Department at (727) 234-4999. After assembly of your crossbow, please keep your manual for future reference. point of rest to full draw. ? Crossbows - approx 12" to 14" ? Vertical Bows - approx 20" to 22" VERTICAL BOW VS. CROSSBOW Draw Weight: The Crossbows require a draw weight that is 2-3 times more than a compound bow to generate the same energy that propels the arrow downrange. 1 LS This compressed ABS limbs span balance, weight and strength to continue the life of the bow. This compound has a strong piece layered limb used to draw weights from 40-55 lbs. The limbs are accommodated in place by the back pivoting limb

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